We render study abroad services, which include finding clientsACIES GLOBAL a suitable school, giving our clients admission counselling and also helping our clients progress as far, academically, as they are willing to.

Our educational specialists are internationally certified to do the following:

  • Schools selection that match your choice of course(s)
  • Admission Processing (Undergraduate and Post-graduate)
  • Schools with affordable tuition


We help our clients to register for exams required to gain admissions into

universities. Some universities require success in English proficiency exams, among other exams.

We help foreign students obtain a study permit to attend these institutions and obtain their desired internationally recognized qualification. After graduating, the student could also temporarily work  and or qualify for permanent residence through various programs.

We are agent to leading universities in The USA, Estonia, Island, Turkey, France, Georgia, Cyprus, China, Ukraine, Finland, Norway,  UK, Canada, South Africa to mention a few. Our clients trust us and can rely on us for our quality services.

It is our duty to make sure we give our clients as much counselling on immigration matters as they need. We assist with attaining your child’s student visa and securing accommodation. We work with qualified professionals, with years of immigration experience.

 Do you need an authentic aid to study abroad? Visit support@aciesglobal.ng.com or call +234 810 512 5329 NOW