The vast majority of our clients require private one to one tuition at their homes. Having your child placed in a reputable school with high standard is highly commendable but the teacher in a classroom has many obligations to fulfill and many kids and learners to help at the same time. These teachers actually do their best but the opportunities that come with a one-on-one private tutoring can never be over-emphasized and its value transcends its worth. The fact is parents often face a broad education system that can be difficult to navigate, but ACIES GLOBAL can help.

Our services include Exam and Interview Preparation, Child Assessment, University Entrance and Specialist Subjects.

We are happy to give complimentary advice on school and university choices and courses.


We offer a personally tailored service to guide children through the dizzying array of 7+,8+,10+,11+ and 13+ entrance examinations and interviews for the school of their choice. We have tutors available to teach all subjects at GCSE, A level, Cambridge Pre-U and IB.


We assess student’s academic strengths and weaknesses through informal tests and discussions to provide advice on school entrance exams. Our recommendations take into account our experience of the culture of the proposed schools to ensure a perfect fit for each child. Get in touch with us today for your child`s assessment.


It`s time we educated our children for the future, rather than limiting them to the subjects of the past..Peter Tait.

We have successfully attracted and placed highly educated and skilled tutors who teach specialist subjects such as Mandarin, German, French, Coding, Python, Java Script, Web Development, Java, Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, Instrumental Music, Voice and Drama. Many are graduates of MUSON, leading universities abroad, award winning teachers and professionals in their respective fields.


Our agency can assist students with their applications to UK, Canada, Ireland and US Universities. We offer interview coaching, ACT/SAT, IELTS, GCSE TOEFL, Checkpoint, GRE, GMAT exam preparation and essay assistance.  Our highly experienced educational consultants are able to provide specialist knowledge to help guide students through this very competitive process.


We only work with highly educated, passionate and professional
tutors who love to teach and inspire their pupils. Many of our tutors have
studied at top-ranking universities and colleges across the globe.

All tutors go through a rigorous screening process in order to
work with us. This means that you can rest assured that the tutor we assign is
a professional who through their commitment and expertise will ensure your
child reaches their potential.

  • Well Educated Tutors: Tutors from top flight universities including across the globe that have a flair for and love of teaching.
  • Experienced Tutors: Many of our tutors have dedicated their lives to teaching and have worked in leading schools throughout the country. Others have years of experience tutoring privately and a proven track record in nurturing talent.
  • Vetted: All of our tutors have been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.
  • Personal Touch: We know all of our tutors and have fully assessed their teaching experience, commitment, professionalism and passion for teaching. We’ll allocate a tutor who we believe is the best fit for your child and that will help them to achieve their goals.

Do you need help regarding a private tutor for your child or ward? Call us to day on +234