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IGCSE is the recognized exam which is the abbreviation of International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGSCE is popular all over the world as an international certificate before starting pre-university studies. IGSCE has the registered trademark of the University of Cambridge.A number of universities consider grades in IGCSE in their entrance programs.

There are 70 subjects offered by IGCSE. Students can opt for minimum 5 subjects to maximum 14 numbers of subjects. Mathematics, science, and English are the core subjects students have to mandatory opt for. Choice of the subject varies with the school. It also depends on personal preferences of the students.You can get best resources and guidance for IGCSE from Wisdom Academy Institute having years of experience in the field.

Get to know the secrets to A* student in IGCSE

IGCSE exam has its own importance and so does the difficulty level. It needs long term planning to get A* grades in the exam. You need to be consistent in your studies and keep your concentration on the subjects. You have to forget previous thinking of class study and homework and switch to the board pattern of IGCSE. Students have to utilize each and every hour to study for the IGSCE. All the vacations and holidays should also be used for preparations. Students should focus on what they are aiming for like achieving the grade A* while doing the preparations.

You have to keep on learning and revising all the study. You may get best guidance and assistance from the leading educational company like Acies Global. If you are a Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Texas, Turkey, UK residents take an online tutoring or request home tutor. You must plan out the timetable for the studies and keep on following it. To make an efficient plan one must be completely aware of the course and its preparation tricks. Acies Global helps in preparing such efficient timetable for achieving good grades in IGCSE. The tutoring company provides all the required material and resources to get knowledge about IGCSE subjects.  The company gives you regular test papers to practice the exam.

Tips and Tricks to Crack IGCSE Exams

  • Be prepared well before three months of exam.
  • Refer textbooks and sources provided by the Wisdom Academy institute for better explanations.
  • It will be helpful to study in groups with friends.
  • Regular homework will really help after concentrating in the class.
  • Take best Coaching and guidance from best institutes
  • Give a big shot to the question paper before starting to answer the questions.
  • Marks on each of the question need to be considered to know how much you should write for that question.
  • Answers should be backed up with necessary diagrams and graphs to score more marks.
  • No need of writing more points than needed according to the question and marks on them.
  • Diagrams should be well labelled and in detail.
  • Take care of punctuation, grammar, and spellings for
  • Draw the relevant diagrams with pencils.
  • If you are writing calculations, write it clearly.