Why Choose Us

Global Exposure & Expertise

Our highly experienced tutors and industry experts have global exposure and relevance that can help your child achieve optimum results you have always desired. Our school managers constantly equip themselves with international educational conferences and certifications that make them outstanding among their peers

Guaranteed Success & Peace of Mind

Every parent wants success of his child and peace of mind when engaging a tutor and that is what we stand for at ACIES GLOBAL. All our tutors are CRB Vetted.

Certified Teachers

All our tutors are CRB vetted, polite, calm and hard-working professionals who combine both professionalism and character and are change agents who support robust learning communities and empower a culture of informed practice

What Our Clients Say

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    Mr Solape Samuel

    “Something that I've come to appreciate about Acies Global Tutors is their commitment to high academic achievement while also encouraging students focus and stay disciplined to become the best they can in future.”

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    Mrs Oamen

    "We are extremely pleased. My son confessed he is actually having fun with Maths now . He likes the tutor’s teaching styles. He not only learnt the material but also became confident in Mathematics. All thanks to Acies global. We are so very grateful !!!"

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    Mr E. K. Stanley

    "Thank you for the amazing tutors you gave. Their services were very helpful for my daughter. She has improved a lot in a very short period of time. We feel really glad and blessed for engaging your services. "

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    Mrs S. O. Johnson

    “We would like to thank you for great service you and your team offered to enhance my son's academic experience. He came out of the exam hall feeling fulfilled. The results were superb. He got admitted. As a result of the tutoring, he is very confident with his studies nowadays. We are very grateful.’’    


Read the news that makes ACIES GLOBAL a leader in its industry and a company with international profile, which further strives to deliver value to its clients judiciously and consistently.

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